Five simple ways to teach kids about God and faith

#1. Make them recite some familiar and relevant bible verses

There are verses that you should make children describe them so that they know what Christianity is all about. These verses include John 3;16 which explains the love of God to people by sacrificing his only son. Such verses make kids appreciate that God cares about the human being a lot, and they will live to believe in God.

#2 Pray together on some things

The best way to make kids believe in God is by ensuring that they know God works. Select prayer items and ensure that you pray together with the kids. If God works, take your time to explain to them. Take some biblical examples of the power of a prayer and teach them and ensure that you make them know how to pray. You can even show them how to fast, how to behave when fasting and when they should fast. This is a good way to nurture them spiritually.

#3. Make them understand that nothing is impossible with God.

Always work to avoid kids from doubting God. You can use examples from the Bible about how God worked in scenarios that seemed hopeless to believers. Think of teaching them about Lazaro’s resurrection, turning water into wine, Feeding of the 5000 people, saving of the Israelites from Pharaoh’s the great witch in Egypt and how Jonah was swallowed by a whale and delivered to another place that he had rejected earlier when God sent him. Through such things, children will have an understanding that God can make possible what seems to be impossible.

#4. Going to church and Sunday schools

They meet friends in Christ and encourage one another through the guidance of teachers. This is what makes them know the kind of friends to mingle with to avoid sliding back.

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