How is Christianity important to your kid?

Everyone has his or her way of living, but when it comes to Christianity, you can be more than a beneficiary. Your kid can become anything depending on the way you raise him or her. As a matter of fact, we all want better people to grow from our children, and this does not come quickly. In this world, you are either evil or holy, so if you don’t make your kid a Christian, you make him or her to be evil.

#1. Boost their wisdom


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom has no age or gender requirements for the people who fear the Lord. Teaching Christianity ways to kids make them to be more efficient in decision making and problem-solving skills. God equips them with the power they need to accomplish various duties that are of importance to themselves and the society as a whole. Look at how baby Jesus was an inspiration at the age of twelve that is how kids are going to be if nurtured well in Christianity.

#2. Criminal mentality erased


Christianity teaches about honesty and self-respect. It teaches about the commandments of God that God gave to Moses on Mt Sinai. Through this teaching, kids know that some actions annoy God, and the reward of these measures is death. These instructions make them abide by righteousness and be a mirror and example of God’s image to the world. Being Christians makes kids holy and believes in God. The Bible can teach about life and money so children will not involve themselves in anything that violates God’s commands to get money.

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