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Raising children in Christianity principles is difficult at this era owning to the fact that children have access to all manner of worldly things. Christianity needs children to learn the word of God, to know how to solve things by praying and make them understand that having faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to survive. In the world that we are living in today, Children have access to a lot of teachings that can alleviate their minds from regarding Christianity as a valid religion to follow. Many of the Children view Christians as being uncivilized people who are weak and do not know what happiness is.

This blog contains all the necessary approaches that people can use to educate their children what Christianity is and why it is important. The blog has videos, books and popular parents who raised stubborn and rebellious kids to become active Christians. Teaching kids about the Bible without a proper plan does not work at all, and people should know which way to follow to make children tether themselves to Christianity. Follow this blog and you will learn a lot of things including what makes the sons of major pastors become pagans once they start their families.