Some books were written by people who observed the challenges faced by Christian families as they were trying to teach and raise their children in the Christianity line. These books are here to point out and explain how you can overcome challenges that you can face as a parent or guardian as you are teaching your child the Christianity ways. These books educate you on the best biblical lessons that you can teach your kids to ensure that they learn the basic lessons first. You cannot teach children about relationships and love, yet they don’t know about that.

#1. Rebecca’s Children: Judaism and Christianity in the Roman World


Rebecca’s book that tries to emphasize how kids can become children of God. The heading has a spiritual meaning of betrayal among Christianity followers, and it also explains how children can be cursed and have the valueless life just like Judas after he betrayed Jesus. The book has teachings for all category of people because it is trying to polish the mistakes that people do. It talks about how you can ask for forgiveness and the importance of forgiveness.

#2. “Let the Little Children Come to Me”: Childhood and Children


Even its heading expresses how Jesus called the children to him. You can quote this verse to your kids to show them that God is calling them. This book focuses on making the kids understand that God is their father, the creator of heavens and earth. By letting to understand this, they can fear God and learn to pray for forgiveness every time they know they have committed a sin.

#3. The Child in Christian Thought


Here, the book went an extra mile to determine the child’s psychology and how you can invade it with the word of Christ. It has useful guidelines that can make you teach your kid well to understand everything.